3 beam self-levelling alignment laser

Professional performance at an affordable price.

  • Fast, easy and accurate

  • Accuracy ± 2mm/10m

  • Ideal for interior plumb, level and square jobs.

Designed with durability.

  • Water-resistant housing IP54

  • Over moulded rubber housing for protection

Proven Simplicity.

  • Single Button Operation

  • Easy access battery compartment

Product Specifications.

1. Laser diode: 1 laser diode - 3 dots

2. Range: up to (30m) according to light conditions

3. Levelling type: self-levelling

4. Levelling range: ±4˚ in any direction

5. Power: 3X AA batteries.

6. Tripod mounting: ¼ - 20

7. Working time: 6hrs


  • Three highly focused self-levelling laser points, brighter, cleaner beams for greater precision

  • Simple one button operation & a unique levelling system quickly settles laser beams for fast and accurate set up

  • Mounting versatility when used with built in magnets &universal magnetic platform accessories for attaching to metal surfaces

Package options available.

These will include;

Magnetic Bracket, soft carry case and 3 X AA batteries.

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