Multi line 3D laser 3 X 360˚ laser lines

Professional performance at an affordable price.

  • Alerts you if you’re outside of the levelling range.

  • Multi-purpose mount allows it to be place in various locations

Designed with durability.

  • Sturdy metal housing with rubber reinforcements

Proven Simplicity.

  • Single Button Operation

  • Easy access battery compartment

Product Specifications.

1. Accuracy: ± 1.5mm at 10m

2. Operating range: 60m with optional detector

3. Levelling range: ± 4˚

4. IP rating: 54

5. Battery type:

   Rechargeable lithium ion battery NI-MH with providing                                        extended operating hours.

Package options available.

Multi mount, target, soft carry case, rechargeable battery,

charger and glasses, Sensor, Clamp and Rotating Base.

Warranty: Two year limited (1 year + 1 year by redemption)

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