The MCS18 levelling technology achieves automatic, flexible, quick and precise land levelling through the hydraulic control systems.

Sensitivity comparison:

The MCS18 is 10-50 times that of a combined visual estimate and manual operation of hydraulic systems.

What it can be used with:

• Grader

• Bull dozer

• Excavator

• Flat shovel

Technical Specifications:

  • Reception angle: 360° entire circular window

  • Reception height range: 270 cm

  • Receiving accuracy: ± 1cm

  • Working distance: diameter 600m (under good weather conditions)

  • Reception display: 5 wave band, high light LED single surface display

  • Protection level: IP66 anti seismic/anti interface

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

  • Connection mode: 10 core Arial plug connect with controller

  • Fixing form: Fixed by jaws

  • Power supply: DC12V

Fields of use:

• Farmland flat

• Water conservation

• Hydropower projects

• Road engineering

• City construction

• Tunnel engineering

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