Digital Level

Professional performance at an affordable price.

• Fast, easy and accurate

• High precision

• Self-levelling

Designed with durability.

  • Water-resistant housing

  • Compensatar lock for secure transport

Proven Simplicity.

  • Single Button Operation

  • Easy access battery compartment

  • Elevation and height difference measurement

  • Large internal memory

Product Specifications.

Electronic measurement

1. Height accuracy: 1.5mm/km (standard staff)

                               0.7mm/km (high accuracy staff)

2.Ranging distance: 3 to 110m (subject to enviromental conditions)


Optical Measurement

3. Folding bar code staff: 1.5mm


Minimum display unit

4. Height measurement: 1mm/0.01mm

5. Distance measurement: 0.01m

6. Measurement speed: 3 seconds



7. Magnification: 32 X

8. Objective lens aperture: 40mm

9. Working range: ±12’

10.Accuracy: ±0.3”

11.Bubble precision: 8’/2mm

12.Display: 128(width)*64(height); pixel with light

13.Battery: 4x 1.2V rechargeable batteries, continuous use for 10 hrs

14.Working temperature: -20˚C - +50˚C

Package options available.

Hard carry case, 4x AAA batteries, plumb bob and manual

Warranty: 1 year

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